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Welcome to End Addiction Recovery Center!! Your freedom from addiction begins here. Call us now to enroll in our 30-day residential treatment program!! Is your addiction causing hopelessness, shame, and anxiety to permeate your life? Most people do not know where to turn. Contacting us may be the first step on a journey to your new life. Alcoholism or drug addiction can tear you and your family apart. You do not have to do this alone. Our experienced staff has helped hundreds of alcoholics and addicts recover. Let us help you.

End Addiction Recovery Center's competent and caring staff will provide you an individualized drug or alcohol treatment program. Our experienced clinical staff will combine the proven theories of the twelve steps with evidence-based psychotherapy approaches to create the most effective treatment experience available for you. Our Collaborative treatment philosophy is based on the ongoing efforts of our knowledgeable staff and their years of experience treating addiction. You and your family members can become reconnected to the joy of life. You will be given everything you need to learn how to live a healthy, clean and sober life.

Mission Statement

At ‘End Addiction Recovery Center, we strive to help your loved ones reach the potential you know they have by offering treatment services for drug and alcohol abuse to the people in your life who are suffering the most, so they become active citizens in your community and have the chance to take in all the beauty of life as it was intended.

Vision Statement

End Addiction Recovery Center is the only program for treatment that works to provide the addicts with an understanding of leadership as well as service in their community/province on abuse issues of both drugs and alcohol in only 30 days.

Our unmatched approach to the 12 step program is a comprehensive program for treatment that includes a mix of spiritual principles with a few different therapy methods which include but aren’t limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and individual counseling.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that addiction is not a disease or a life sentence. It’s not something that will affect you forever unless you refuse help. It’s treatable.

Reliable research tells us that 12 Step Fellowship, when combined with therapy provided by qualified addiction counselors and/or therapists, gives recovering addicts a significantly higher chance of conquering their addiction and returning to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Short term, intensive treatment has also been shown to have success with treatment and reducing the chance of relapse. It has been proven that some varieties of short term care, when combined with rigorous 12 Step Fellowship and therapy, give patients a much higher likely hood of lifelong recovery.

At End Addiction Recovery Center our aim is to help those battling addiction to start on their path to a better life by creating a firm foundation for recovering.

Our environment is one of respect, understanding, compassion, and gentle support. We encourage psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellness while also nurturing the growth of each client as a person.

Our clients are given the tools they need to take responsibly for their recovery and lives. We focus on helping each one find joy and a healthy lifestyle that does not depend on the use of a substance or any behavioral addiction.

Abstinence-Based Recovery

Drug and alcohol dependency is a progressive and chronic disease. In many cases, this disease becomes fatal when left untreated. However, with proper treatment, this disease may be halted and brought into remission. Research by the Canadian Medical Association, the Addictions Foundation of Ontario, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, and experience addiction treatment professionals supports this conclusion.

End Addiction Recovery Center offers full abstinence as the main treatment goal for any client. Abstinence is defined as total avoidance of alcohol, drugs, or any other addictive substance. Prescription medications taken under supervision of a doctor are considered exceptions.

Why is out treatment program unique? We have deliberately built a therapeutic program that combines a strict 12 Step Fellowship with a broad range of other therapies, including Motivational, Cognitive, Group sessions and one-on-one therapy. This assists our clients in creating a lasting foundation, giving them the best possible tools for life-long recovery by addressing emotional, psychological, social, physical, and metaphysical needs.

We keep our facility groups small, allowing for a more intimate healing environment and more personal group and individual therapy.

Our staff is compassionate and experience and have extensive education and training in mental health, addition, and 12 Step treatment plans.

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